How to Share Live on TikTok?


Are you looking for ways to grow your TikTok account? Look no further! Go live, interact, and engage with your followers in real-time. In turn, it develops a loyal community and fosters long-lasting relationships. In this write-up, let's dive into the comprehensive guide to how to share live on TikTok like a pro!

Hola! What's up? If you are here, you strive to make a presence on TikTok through Live. Right? Don't worry! In this guide, let's discuss how to share live on TikTok and build a stronger bond with your audience.

Ever since TikTok rolled out Live streaming, it has become the talk of the town, and craziness for the reach is in full swing! The most beneficial thing about Live is you are uncut, unrefined, and uncensored. That said, it is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your true self and build a cult-like following. But the tough row to hoe is to leverage the fullest benefit. Don't fret about it! Let's delve deeper into the topic of how to go live on TikTok and get the most out of it.

What Is TikTok Live?

Just like any other social media, TikTok offers Live features to connect with people in real-time. Most commonly, Live is used for product tutorials, reviews, service demos, casual catch-ups, etc. By doing so, brands can build trust, boost engagement, and know live feedback.


Before you rush to go behind the camera, check whether you meet these two requirements.

  • You must be 16 years or above.
  • You need at least 1000 followers to access the Live feature.

How to Go Live on TikTok?

Step 1: Open the TikTok app and tap the plus sign down the screen.

Step 2: Select an image and give a title. Remember, the image and title should arouse the audience's attention and entice them to watch.

Step 3: Before you tap the Go Live button, you can enable or disable the comment section, add filters or effects, select a charity to support if you want, and share live streams across all other social media handles.

Step 4: The app countdown from 3. Boom! You are on Live!

Step 5: When it's time to wind up, press the X in the top left corner.

Done! It's as easy as breathing! Now, you don't need to search for how to go live on TikTok because it's time to steal the show!

How to Turn Off How to Go Live on TikTok and Join Other's Live

Step 1: The first step is to find the Live you want to join.

Step 2: Following that, in the comments section, tap the two smiling faces button and send a request.

Step 3:If the user approves your request, ta-da! Your screen will split into two.

There you have it! Cast off the question of how to share live on TikTok and chit-chat with your favorite TikToker!

Reason Why You Couldn't Join Other's Live

  • The user might have enabled the "Friends only" setting.
  • A creator may reject your request because they don't know you in person.

How to Share Live on TikTok Using a PC

Step 1: Download the TikTok Live Studio from the TikTok website.

Step 2: Run the installation wizard successfully and click Finish.

Step 3:The app is live now. Log in with your credentials.

Step 4:If you are a beginner, hit the Set Up Now button.

Step 5:It will take you to the Microphone, Camera, and Stream settings. Adjust the settings accordingly and click Next.

Step 6: It's done! Hit the Go Live button, and you are ready for streaming!

Did you know?

TikTok usage per day continues to increase by 95 minutes. Also, the app has the highest social media engagement rate.

How to Share Live on TikTok and Keep Your Fans Intrigued?

Let's imagine that you are going live, and the topic is how to share live on TikTok. Now, we shall explore some ways to make your Live interesting.

Come Up With Mind-Boggling Topic

Before you get into the action, take a while and come up with a brainstorming topic that makes the audience stop scrolling. Don't bore your audience with topics like how to share live on TikTok. Just kidding! To make a hit, you can give your take on a controversial topic that pulls the audience's eye. Remember not to cross borders!

Engage With Your Audience

The primary objective of Live is to engage with your audience. Hence, greet your audience or conduct Q&A sessions. The other option would be to hold a discussion about a specific topic, like how to share live on TikTok and keep your fans intrigued! Additionally, give a shout-out to people who contributed to a constructive discussion, ensuring their satisfaction and boosting your transactional net promoter score.

Double Check on Internet Speed

Imagine you are in your favorite creator live on TikTok. If the video keeps buffering, it irritates you, and you rush to exit the session. To refrain from ending up in a bumpy live session, ensure your internet is optimal. Therefore, it is preferable to run the speed tests on your internet connection. By doing so, you can furnish a smooth live session.

Write Eye-Grabbing Title

If you want to give your Live a substantial number of clicks, then you need to work on titles. For instance, make the topic of how to share live on TikTok more interesting, which provokes the audience to click live. For that, you can grant a chance to make hard-hitting statements, ask questions, or do anything that astounds users. At the same time, don't draft clickbait titles, as it may irritate the audience and develop a negative perception.

Have a Quick Question?

  • Yes! If you go without preparing the topic, you may hit the dead end of the subject quickly. As an effect, your viewers may drop off. To deter such situations, plan the content ahead of time. For example, if the topic is how to share live on TikTok, know the subject inside out.

  • Certainly yes. Though TikTok allows you to stream live for 60 minutes, it is recommended to host live for 30 minutes or less than that. Amidst the hustle and bustle, most people like quick check out. In particular, covering the nits and grits of the crux of how to share live on TikTok in a short period performs better!

  • Of course, yes! Cross-promoting the Live session across all platforms does wonders for your profile. When you host a Live of how to share live on tiktok, it piques the audience's interest and makes them check out. In such a way, your profile gets an audience of a diverse range that makes you a level higher!

The Bottom Line

So you see, how to share live on TikTok is no sweat! By harnessing the power of Live reaps you immense benefits to build your presence on TikTok. Hence, a deeper understanding of Live makes you soar to heights. So, take a while to research what suits you the most and what doesn't. Don't forget to take advantage of this gold mine of opportunity smartly.

Best of luck!

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