Why Do TikTok Likes Play A Significant Role?

TikTok Tony 2021-06-04

The ultimate goal of coming up with a TikTok video is to gain likes from the viewers. The likes received by a TikTok video directly depict how much people have enjoyed watching it. Therefore, the person who uploads a TikTok video wants it to be liked by the viewers. Hence, through this, it is evident that the number of likes received by a TikTok video determines its quality. In this article, I will shed light on the huge role played by ‘likes’ and why it should be given importance.

What The ‘Likes’ Actually Reflects?

Getting likes for TikTok videos is not an easier task. Today, people see a massive chunk of videos every day on TikTok. They come forward to nudge the like option only if a video touches their soul. Today, people are consuming only the shorter duration videos largely on social platforms. Hence, they feel tired of responding to every video they view. Only if a video overwhelms them will they take action to tap the like option. Hence, likes are the most accurate parameter to scale the success of a TikTok video. So, rather than going with various data and analytics to assess the reach of a video, just having a look at the number of likes received is enough. Because the likes received by a TikTok video is an ideal parameter to assess its engagement.

Hence, likes should not be underestimated and provided importance. If a content creator on TikTok discards the ‘likes’ he received, it may affect his growth. Because if the number of likes starts to decline, he should scrutinize his content and find if he misses out on anything and must fix it. Hence, a person should give importance to the likes to have sustainable growth. Thus, now you can understand the crucial role played by likes.

Why Should Influencers Care About Likes?

Social Media Marketing has almost become a fundamental necessity for B2C businesses. A company cannot achieve growth if it discards promoting it on social platforms. TikTok being a social platform with over 1.1 billion active users, currently is the epicenter for B2C marketing. Influencer Marketing is considered the most efficient among a distinct range of social media tactics. Hence, we can see an increasing trend of brands and companies collaborating with TikTok influencers to scale their products to a vast audience.

When it comes to choosing an influencer, the primary factor a brand will consider is the likes count. Marketers will go through the average number of likes received by an influencer and go with the one who has the most. Today, many are aspiring to become influencers due to the enormous money they can make. Especially teens are hugely obsessed with becoming influencers. They come up with TikTok videos with new concepts to drive more people and to become famous quickly. Thus, if a person is looking to become an influencer and monetize his skills, then he should really focus on increasing the likes count of his TikTok videos. As said before, brands only go with the influencers who have managed to earn huge likes. Because even the TikTok algorithm gives preference to the videos that have a huge number of likes. If a video has received immense likes, TikTok will make it appear in the news feed of many people. Thus, the organic reach of a TikTok video can be increased with an increase in the likes. Hence, earning likes provides a multitude of benefits. Therefore, influencers should give utmost importance to the likes which determine their growth. If an influencer finds that his videos are receiving fewer likes than usual, he should modify his content. Thus, the likes garnered directly reflect the quality of a video.

The Growing Importance For Paid Services

Today, the importance of paid services is increasing at a quick pace. Many firms are giving immense importance to these services, which helps them to improve their brand reach on social platforms. There are also a considerable number of paid services that offer TikTok likes. If you cannot maximize the likes count of your TikTok videos, you can buy likes from any reputed paid service. So, if you want to check whether people are really pleased by your content, then check the number of likes you received. If there is an upward trend in the likes you have received for your videos, then it means that your performance has increased with time.

Wrapping Up

Though there are various metrics to assess the engagement rate of a TikTok video, none is as accurate as likes. So, every content creator on TikTok should build his strategy around increasing the likes for his videos. In a nutshell, he should be likable among his followers. Hence, the existence of a content creator on TikTok depends on the likes earned by him.

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