Why Did TikTok Delete My Video


Did your TikTok videos get deleted suddenly? If yes, read this article and get answers to your question why did TikTok delete my video? by reading the reasons below. Also, as a bonus, get to know the ways and rectify your TikTok videos instantly.

Since its arrival, one of the best social media applications that is shining the brightest is unquestionably TikTok. Yes, with its growing popularity and its effective features, the results that a user can achieve are immeasurable.

The unique aspect of the app is its short video format. Because of its quick and effective video updation, the journey of creators has become simple and convenient. Henceforth, many are using TikTok and creating many amazing videos.

While the videos are famous here, TikTok users have recently found that their video has been suddenly deleted. As this is alarming, many have been asking is tiktok getting deleted and “Why did TikTok delete my video?” at a large rate. So, if you are also among them wondering the same, read this article and get answers to your questions promptly. Besides, as a bonus, learn how to rectify your deleted tiktok videos. Get on!

Is TikTok Videos Getting Deleted?

Yes, TikTok is all set with new norms and is automatically deleting videos that don’t follow tiktok violation rules. This latest update is taken due to the excessive use of the app. As the users of TikTok are mostly youngsters, the need for stringent operation is deemed necessary. Hence, the videos that are offensive to viewers' eyes under tiktok violation are getting deleted. So, why did tiktok delete my video, know about the reasons in detail, and stay updated?

Why Did TikTok Delete My Video? ( Reasons )

The recent deletion of TikTok videos has created an uproar in the minds of TikTok users. Everywhere you see, it’s these questions, Is tiktok getting deleted and Why did TikTok delete my video is popping up in the minds of every user. While this is a sensational issue, after knowing TikTok violation is the main reason why the videos are getting deleted there are many positive responses. Hence, if you are curious to know the reasons for tiktok violation in detail, read the points below and understand.

  • The first and foremost reason for the question of why did tiktok delete my video is due to violating privacy policy and application uninstallations.
  • The next reason is not following TikTok community guidelines. According to TikTok guidelines, users shouldn’t post content such as
      1. Hate Speech
      2. Harassment videos
      3. Bullying
      4. Sexual abuse, etc.
  • Ultimately, if your video has no views or engagement, TikTok will delete your video.

Therefore, learn how to get back your deleted video or know the simplest way to buy tiktok views to your videos to prevent them from getting deleted.

FYI ( For Your Information )

Remember, whenever you post a video on TikTok, ensure you have a copy as a backup. Only a backup can help retrieve tiktok deleted videos if you don’t want to ask why did tiktok delete my video.

Ways to Recover Deleted Videos On TikTok

Lost your video and wondering why did tiktok delete my video. No problem. The effective solution you can read through this article will help you retrieve your tiktok deleted videos. So, stop worrying Is tiktok getting deleted? Take a calm breath and continue your reading. Once complete, you will get your answer and surely be satisfied with the solution. Hence, step up and get your deleted tiktok videos back.

Use The BackUp Option and Recover Your TikTok Videos

Now, your phone backup option is the best way to help you start with the process. Yes, if your phone “Google Photos” is on backup mode, half of your trouble has vanished already. If you don’t know whether the feature is On, you can follow these settings and make sure the sync is enabled.

  • Open the “Google Photos” application on your mobile device.
  • There, select the “Photos Settings” option.
  • Once you do that, you can ensure whether your sync is enabled or not.

Try Google Photos and Retrieve The Videos

  • Open the “Google Photos” app on your phone.
  • On the upper left side of the screen, choose the “Menu” option.
  • Next, click the option “Trash”.
  • Over there, select the video that TikTok deleted.
  • Once done, click the “Restore” button.

That’s it! Now you don’t have to worry about asking why did TikTok delete my video. Instead, you can retrieve your deleted tiktok video effortlessly and enjoy.

Recover Using The Likes Videos Option

As a social media user, you might have been already aware of the “Liked Videos'' option available in the TikTok app. If the first method is not helpful for you in answering your question why did tiktok delete my video, you can always rely on this method. Because the chances of retrieving deleted tiktok videos from this option are higher. So, to know how to recover your videos using this method, concentrate on the points below.

  • Login to your TikTok account.
  • Click on the option “Me” to visit your profile.
  • Next, tap the “Heart Icon” from the top to see the latest videos that you liked.
  • Select the video that you want to recover.
  • As the video has been deleted, the screen will appear black.
  • To get your video back, click on the three-dot icon. You can see more options there.
  • Over there, select the option “Save video”.

Once you have completed this process, you can see your video downloaded on your phone within a few minutes. Hence, this way, you can avoid wondering why did tiktok delete my video and saved videos stress-free.

Important Note:

After your video is recovered, edit it according to the guidelines and then post it. If not, the chances of TikTok deleting your video are not guaranteed.

Restore The Tikok Videos Deleted Using The IOS Photos App

iPhone users, don’t worry now. Here is an exclusive topic just for you. If your TikTok video is deleted and you don’t know why did tiktok delete my video, consider using this method. Go through the steps carefully and then use it to see the results. While “Google Photos” backup is necessary for Android users, it's “iCloud” for iPhone users. So, before retrieving TikTok videos, you first need to check whether iCloud is enabled. To know that, check out the steps below.

  • Navigate to the option “Settings” on your phone.
  • Tap your Username.
  • Click on the iCloud to ensure whether the option is turned on.
  • Once you check it, go to iCloud.com and sign into your account.
  • Next, click the “Settings” option.
  • In the “Advanced Popup” option, select recovery files.
  • Then, choose the files that you want to recover.
  • Finally, click “Restore”.

Easy! Now, you can retrieve your videos and post them again on your profile according to the TikTok guidelines, yielding results effectively.

Final Reflections

So! Now that you have read the article, you know exactly why your videos are getting deleted. As a bonus, you have also read some effective solutions that can help solve your problems instantly. Hence, with the information and the idea that you received here, make sure you create and craft videos accordingly. Also, keep the notes in mind to avoid unnecessary processes. Always keep a backup. Don’t forget. Hence, without wondering further, why did TikTok delete my video? Identify the reasons with the points mentioned above and shine! All the best:)

Pro Tip:

One tip that can more effectively solve your problem than any method is unquestionably “Contacting TikTok”. You can go to “Settings and Privacy” and Report a problem. Once your request is accepted, you will return your video in just 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, in most cases, if you log out, the details saved in your TikTok account, like drafts, will get deleted automatically. So, before logging out, think and then decide.

  • Yes, if you are wondering why did tiktok delete my video it could be due to the following reasons. They are,

    • Unsaved videos
    • Network issues
    • Unexpected power off
    • Due to bugs
    • Corruption in videos, etc.
  • Yes, definitely! As the methods mentioned here for mobile phones, other ways help you recover deleted videos from the desktop exclusively. So, stop asking why did tiktok delete my video and recovered videos effortlessly.

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